Sunday, November 1, 2009

Easy Hot Fudge Sauce

This recipe is from my friend Debbie. It is one that - almost every time I make it for something, people want the recipe. It is SO easy! You can whip it up in minutes and it is really good. (Be sure to try it on the fried ice cream - see recipe below)
Hot Fudge Sauce
1 cube butter
1 square unsweetened baking chocolate
1 can sweetened-condensed milk
1 tsp vanilla
dash of salt

Melt the butter and the square of chocolate over low heat. When melted, stir in the sweetened condensed milk and stir until mixed together. Continue to stir and cook until fudge sauce is hot, but not to a boil. Remove from heat and add vanilla and salt. Serve over just about anything!

1 comment:

Cindy said...

Mmmmm.. All of this looks so good! I must try some of them. Also, I hope your family is doing well!

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