Monday, October 21, 2013

Dutch Oven Chocolate Coconut Marshmallow Cake

We had our annual Dutch Oven Dessert party this past weekend.  We make the SAME dessert every year- but it is SO very easy and always turns out great and is very popular.  It is a nice variety to add to all the fruit cobbler desserts that dutch ovens seem to lend themselves to.  

This is what the finished product looks like - topped with yummy toasted marshmallows.

You can stack dutch ovens and share the coals.

Here is what it looks like after the chocolate chips and coconut are added, just prior to the marshmallows being sprinkled over the top - to toast and melt.  MMMMMMmmmmmm!

Dutch Oven Chocolate Coconut Marshmallow Cake

1 box of chocolate cake mix of your choice (I used triple chocolate) -mixed as directed on the box.
1 bag milk chocolate chips
1/2 bag sweetened flaked coconut
3/4-1 bag miniature marshmallows

Line a 14" dutch oven with heavy duty foil and spray with PAM.  Mix chocolate cake according to directions on the box.  (when doing this camping, I put all the ingredients together in a gallon zip-loc bag and smoosh them for 2 minutes)  Pour cake batter into the bottom of the dutch oven.  Put lid on and put 12 hot coals spread out under the dutch oven, and 16 coals on top.  Cook for about 20 minutes - checking after about 15 minutes.  The cake should bounce back in the center when done.  Sprinkle the chocolate chips and coconut over the top of the hot cake.  Now pour a layer of miniature marshmallows over the top of the chips and coconut.   Move the dutch oven off of the bottom coals, but leave the top coals on.  Keep an eye on the marshmallows - it is done when they are toasted to a beautiful golden brown.  Shake the top coals off and the cake will stay warm inside the hot dutch oven for quite a while.  It is definitely best when eaten warm!  The foil makes for a quick and easy clean-up!

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