Monday, November 7, 2011

Orange Juice Syrup

Several years ago, someone at my husband's work gave us the cutest little glass decanter full of a delicious orange pancake syrup for Christmas.  We loved it - so I got the recipe from them.  My daughter made it for our family reunion meal of french toast (made with orange zest in it) and this orange juice syrup on top.  I had forgotten how delicious it is!  It tastes just like you are eating an orange roll  ( one of my all-time favs!).  It makes a whole lot of syrup - about 3 quarts, so if you don't want that much, you can cut the recipe down easily.  I just made it this week and made 1/4 of the recipe and it was plenty for one meal.  Give it a try - it is really delicious!
Orange Juice Syrup

8 c sugar
1 12 oz can of orange juice concentrate (thawed)
4 c water
1 c light corn syrup

Mix all ingredients in a large saucepan.  Heat slowly on stove until all sugar is dissolved, but don't allow it to come to a boil.  Remove from heat and let cool (if not using it immediately).  Serve by reheating only the amount you will be using at one meal.

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Jenny said...

Ooooh, so glad I checked your blog today! That syrup is the best...I need to make it soon!

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