Monday, September 13, 2010

Punchbowl Cake

My daughter recently reminded me that I have never put this recipe on my blog.  Oh my goodness!  It is one of our family's ALL TIME FAVORITES!  How could I have forgotten to put it on here?  This recipe comes from my sister Barb - who brought it to a family party probably 10-15 years ago and it is still requested at most family parties.  It is easy, YUMMY, and feeds a lot of people (12-15).  It is called punch bowl cake because it is put together and served in a glass punch bowl so that you can see the layers.  (It could go in a trifle bowl, but it is much too big to fit in mine.) 

See the pretty layers!

Crumble 1/2 of the cooled cake with your fingers into the bottom of the bowl.

Make up one small box of instant chocolate pudding and spread it over the crumbled cake.
Spread 1/2 of the cool whip over the pudding, then top with the crushed candy.  Repeat the layers.

(Skore bars were $.79 each - so I opted to buy the Heath Bits found on the baking aisle, and added shaved milk chocolate using my vegetable peeler and a chocolate candy bar.  I think it turned out kind of pretty! My daughter told me that where she lives, they have chocolate covered Heath Bits in a bag!  I haven't seen them where I shop.)

Punchbowl Cake

1 German Chocolate Cake Mix - made according to directions on the box, baked and cooled.
2 small pkg. Instant Chocolate Pudding - made up one at a time as directed on box
1 lg container of Cool Whip
6 Skore or Heath Bars (or 1/2 bag of Heath Bits and shaved milk chocolate)

Crumble 1/2 of the cooled cake into a punch bowl (or other large bowl).  Mix up one pudding as directed and spread over the cake (I don't let it set up - it sinks into the cake better that way).  Spread over the cake.  Spread 1/2 of the cool whip on top.  Crush 3 candy bars (in a zip lock bag with something hard used to crush them) and sprinkle over the cool whip.  Repeat all layers.  Refrigerate.


Ashlee said...

Love this cake!! I think I've mentioned this before but I love that you have this blog! It reminds me to make some of the great food I ate growing up! Keep posting!

dana said...

Judy - I've purchased those chocolate covered Heath bits at WalMart. This sounds like a wonderful recipe! Can't wait to try it! Thanks for sharing!

Melinda said...

I love your punchbowl cake! One time I tried to make a Schwartzwalder Kirsche Torte (Black Forest Cherry Cake) and the whole thing fell apart. I dumped it into a big bowl, decoratively added extra whipped cream and marischino cherries to the top, and - voila!- Punchbowl Kirsche Torte! It was delicious and everybody thought it was intentional.

Denée Tyler said...

We're not big on chocolate here at our house, but I'm going to try this with a lemon cake and pudding and see how it turns out.

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