Monday, August 9, 2010

Sherbet Supreme

When I was sharing the recipe for wedding-ice-cream with my friend Luanna, she told me about her version of a similar recipe that sounded really good!  I made it and served it tonight for a neighborhood get together, and it was a hit.  I loved the cashews in the ice cream - nice surprise!   It's fun to serve with a Pepperidge Farm Pirouette Cookie - broken in half and served on the side.

Sherbet Supreme
Luanna Rowe

½ gallon raspberry sherbet

1 qt. vanilla ice cream

Soften at room temperature for about 1/2 hour then beat together in a  mixer


1 bag frozen raspberries

1 sm can drained crushed pineapple

1 pkg frozen blueberries

½ - 1 c roasted cashews (wash off salt and dry)

Stir in by hand and freeze.

Allow to thaw for about 1 hour, stir well, then serve.

1 comment:

susan said...

I LOVE YOUR BLOG - and the professional pictures you take makes it so easy. I have tried so many of these and LOVE them. Thanks for sharing.

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