Thursday, July 1, 2010

Amber's Salad

I first tasted this salad at a baby shower given by my niece Amber.  I loved it and asked for the recipe.  She told me how easy it was and I was even more excited! 

The ingredients are all either from bags, bottles,
cans or Costco (chicken).

I love the mix of the coleslaw in with the spinach and lettuce - a very tasty, healthy and pretty combination!

Amber's Salad (This is a corrected version - I forgot about the Parmesan cheese when I first posted this)

1 bag of Romaine Lettuce Salad
1 bag of Cole Slaw Salad
1 bag of Spinach
1 small bag of Craisins
1 small can of Honey Roasted Peanuts
1 Deli Chicken cooled and diced
1 cup fresh grated parmesan cheese (not powdered in a can)
1 bottle of Poppy Seed  Dressing

Place all ingredients except the dressing together in a large bowl and toss.  Add the dressing right before you serve it.  (You can vary the amount of dressing to your liking)  This makes a huge salad!

1 comment:

Denée Tyler said...

This sound yummy. We'll have to give it a try -- in a smaller format!

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