Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A New Favorite Thing

I have had trouble with freezing things - they all seem to get freezer burn. I found this at the grocery store, and it wasn't too expensive, so I gave it a try.

When you buy the kit, it comes with quart bags, and I also bought some gallon bags.
It works great to suck all the air out with the pump.

This is the cooked rice before and after using the pump.

So far, in the 3 weeks since I bought it, everything has come out perfectly. I have been cooking and freezing dinners, and it has worked great. The only thing that doesn't work well, is if it has much liquid in the bag - so no sauces. Anyway, if you give it a try, let me know how you like it.


Ashlee said...

Hey Judy!!! It's me Ash, old neighbor, piano student, remember me:)?

I just saw this link on Rach's blog and loved looking through your recipes. I, of course recognize a lot of them but there's something about seeing pictures that makes picking a recipe easier.

Anyway, Have you checked out Our best bites? It's another fun recipe blog that you will no doubt enjoy!

Happy cooking!

Judy and KC said...

Thanks Ash! Great to hear from you. (Of course I remember you!) I have added that to my list of blogs to follow. Love good recipe sites. Thanks for stopping by.

Kasey said...

I love mine, but Wal-Mart no longer sells the bags. Where are you getting yours? I thought they had quit making them. Oh please say it ain't so!!!

Judy and KC said...

I get mine at our local grocery store called Macey's. I got on the web sight for zip loc and it looks like they still make them. I hope you can find them at another store. Thanks for the comment!

Kasey said...

Thanks! That's good to hear. I'll try another store.

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